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The Depth of Blue

This is the monthly color and design news update from The Davis Paint Company and The Color Guild. the article aims to preview the forth-coming season and give insight and relevant information for using color to help inspire person projects.

Looking to the natural world for inspiration, this palette celebrates the beauty of blue and in particular, our deepest oceans. With undeniable appeal, this palette looks to create the ultimate selection of blues for your interior paint schemes. Referencing the unknown elements of the wild seas, these colors explore how we can combine tonal shades to inspire. With light and dark distinctions we encourage exploration into intense colors and contrasts. Bringing a deeper meaning to blue, these colors are a modern alternative to neutrals with a resounding message of positivity and serenity.

Discover the true depths of blue with 0620 STAR STUDDED, an elegant color that offers an arresting alternative to black. Intensely saturated, this dark tone has intriguing depth that references the unknown abyssal zones of our oceans. Shadowy and alluring, 0620 STAR STUDDED is a safe bet for your home if you are looking to create a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere. This clever color reflects and absorbs light within spaces to echo feelings of water and of weightlessness. Discover the power of tonal blues by combining this shade with contrasting lighter colors such as 0617 JOHNS BLUE and 0650 BRIDGEWATER BAY.

Look to the dynamism of 0655 QUEEN OF THE NIGHT to add a touch of tranquility to your interior spaces. Tinted with a dark teal, this color offers a contrast to the other blues within the palette and evokes feelings of deep pools and wild seascapes. The intensity of 0655 QUEEN OF THE NIGHT has the power to create focus and harmony within spaces and so is most effectively used in studies, offices and dining rooms. Combine with light neutrals to create a revitalizing balance. Alternatively group with contrasting orange and yellow paint accents and accessories for a contemporary and bold effect.

Build a classic mood with 0617 JOHNS BLUE, a stormy sky blue perfect for a variety of interior spaces. With undertones of muted grey, this color grounds the overall palette with a definitive clarity. This tone references dramatic weather conditions but retains a clean and modern atmosphere. Discover possibilities by mixing the depths of 0620 STAR STUDDED and the vibrancy of 0650 BRIDGEWATER BAY with 0617 JOHNS BLUE to create a lively and positive overall effect. This timeless color will balance your spaces and is most effective when used as an all over paint in locations such as kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms.

Energetic and optimistic, 0650 BRIDGEWATER BAY has an uplifting quality perfect for your home. Acting as the vibrant highlight to the other shades in the palette, this color grabs your attention and will instantly refresh your spaces. Allow yourself to be rejuvenated by the power of 0650 BRIDGEWATER BAY and add a touch of positivity to your walls. Pair this shade with the dark tones of 0655 QUEEN OF THE NIGHT and 0620 STAR STUDDED for a combination that demands to be noticed. Look to 0650 BRIDGEWATER BAY and explore the possibilities within kitchen spaces for a clean and modern feel. Also within children's rooms for an energetic and playful all over application.

With an alluring softness 0607 BRUSH BLUE is a barely there tint that contrasts with the dark and mid tones within this palette. Offering an ethereal and powdery feel, this tone is removed from any cold connotations and instead generates a tactile and inviting calm. Look to the chalky finish of 0607 BRUSH BLUE for rooms such as the bathrooms and kitchens and add a clean quality removed from any typical clinical or cold feelings. Open up your small spaces such as hallways and alcoves with this tone, the perfect alternative to stark white or dull neutrals.

Delve into exciting combinations of natural blue with this color range. Look to 0620 STAR STUDDED, 0655 QUEEN OF THE NIGHT, 0617 JOHNS BLUE, 0650 BRIDGEWATER BAY, and 0607 BRUSH BLUE to create a balanced tonal effect perfect for any interior. Express an optimistic and calming mood in your home by utilizing the light and dark contrasts within the palette. This color range may be used successfully as an all over application and in particular look to the tinted blues, perfect for rejuvenating kitchen and bathroom spaces. The intensity of the dark tones can be used to cocoon and calm in personal and private spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms. This palette is dynamic and offers strong combinations for interiors.

Check back next month as we delve into Spring and Summer 2017 Color Trends!

Why You Should Take a Shine to Sheen

This article by Debbie Zimmer from the Paint Quality Institute goes into more detail on paint sheens.

Spring House, PA - Many do-it-yourself painters spend hours selecting the perfect paint colors, but give far less thought to the sheen they'll use. That's short-sighted, according to Debbie Zimmer, spokesperson for the Paint Quality Institute, who recently was named one of the "Top 200 Influencers in the Home Design Industry".

"Paint sheen affects not only the initial appearance of a paint job, but also its long-term performance," says Zimmer. "So it's important to carefully consider your options when choosing a paint."

Leading paint brands come in as many as six different levels of sheen, which is basically a measure of the reflectivity of the paint once it's applied. Flat paint is the least reflective, followed by increasingly "shiny" options like matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and -- shiniest of all -- high gloss.

If the condition of your walls is impeccable, you can choose any level of sheen your eye desires. But if you have sloppy sheetrock, uneven surfaces, or otherwise imperfect walls, be aware that paint with a higher sheen will make these defects more apparent, while a coating with less sheen will help conceal them.

There's another aesthetic aspect of sheen: The shinier the paint, the more it will reflect light, rather than absorb it. So, if you want to brighten your surroundings without inflating your electric bill, consider using wall paint with some significant sheen - trading up from a flat paint to , say, a semi-gloss coating. The difference will be apparent.

Some of the reasons sheen level is important have to do not just with the appearance of your paint on day one, but rather, the way it will look years later.

"Paints with higher sheen are tougher, more durable, more mildew resistant, and more stain-resistant than those with a flat or matte finish," says Zimmer, "so they'll hold up better over time. If the room you are painting is heavily used, it's wise to select a wall paint from the glossier side of the spectrum."

Kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms are clearly candidates for semi-gloss, or even high gloss wall paint; so, too, are rooms that are frequented by guests, children, or pets. On the other hand, walls in lesser-used spaces such as entrance ways or spare bedrooms will likely hold up well even with flat or low sheen paint.

Should they ever become soiled, glossier paints are much easier to clean. High gloss and semi-gloss paints, in particular, will easily give up fingerprints and many other common stains with just light scrubbing. As a results, they're ideal for use not just on walls, but also on windows, doors, and baseboards.

So when the counter person at the paint store asks which sheen you'd like, don't brush off the question - reflect on your needs. In many ways, the sheen level of the paint you choose is every bit as important as the color!

To learn more about paint sheen and interior painting, visit the Paint Quality Institute online at

The Paint Quality Institute was formed in 1989 to educate people on the advantages of using quality interior and exterior paints and coatings. The Paint Quality Institute's goal is to provide information on the virtues of quality paint as well as color trends and decorating with paint through a variety of vehicles, including television appearances, newspaper and magazine articles, and instructional literature. Please be sure to visit the Paint Quality Institute at PAINT QUALITY INSTITUTE and PAINTQUALITY.COM are trademarks of The Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") or an affiliated company of Dow.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Paint Sheens Explained

Paint sheen is still somewhat of a mystery to many people. Most paint companies have anywhere from 3 to 6 different sheen types for you to choose from. Today we are going to go over those sheens to help take the guess work out of choosing which one will work best for you and your living space.

DAVIS FLAT (Available in Interior and Exterior) - Flat paint tends to have a chalky/matte look and is best for use in low traffic areas such as bedrooms. Flat paint does not hide imperfections well because they offer no light reflections to make them noticeable. Flat is perfect for bedrooms and dining rooms. Flat paints are easy to touch-up but not easy to clean.

DAVIS MATTE/FLAT (Available in Interior Only) - Matte Flat paint is very similar to a FLAT finish but it tends to have a much softer feel when you touch it. Just like FLAT, it does not hide wall imperfections well due to the lack of light reflection. Matte/Flat is perfect for bedrooms and dining rooms. Matte/Flat is easy to touch-up and the Matte/Flat we offer here at Davis Paint is scrubbable so no worries on keeping it clean!

DAVIS EGGSHELL (Available in Interior Only) - Eggshell is named after its likeness to an actual eggshell. When looking at the paint head on, it appears to be flat but when looking from an angle, it offers a slight light reflection. Eggshell is much easier to keep clean than an actual flat and offers decent touch-up properties as well. Eggshell is perfect for living rooms, hallways and family rooms. 

DAVIS SATIN (Available in Interior and Exterior) - Satin is a popular sheen and very versatile. Satin offers great resistance to scratches, scuffs, stains and dirt. Satin can be easily washed so it always looks clean and because it offers a stronger surface, it is ideal for rooms which need to repel water such as bathrooms. Satin is also the #1 choice for trim when using a Flat or Matte/Flat paint. 

DAVIS SEMI-GLOSS (Available in Exterior Only) - Semi-gloss is one with a slightly glossy appearance but does not appear "wet" like full gloss sheens. These paints are great for areas that get lots of heavy use because the surface is slightly harder than the sheens listed above. This paint is most commonly used on shutters, doors, house trim and around windows. This paint sheen is very easy to keep clean.

DAVIS GLOSS (Available in Exterior Only) - Gloss paint is the highest level of sheen you can obtain in a paint. Gloss almost has a mirror-like finish because of its ability to reflect light away from the surface. Gloss paint is by far the easiest to keep clean and it is also highly resistant to moisture. The only con with gloss paint is its inability to high imperfections on your surface or substrate. This paint is ideal for house trim and shutters. Many have used this on handrails as well. 

Graphic by Krissy Brown Designs
Article written by Krissy Brown
Graphic ©Krissy Brown Designs - All Rights Reserved

Dispel Holiday Blues by Adding New Color to Your Home

Spring House, PA - If you're blue now that the holidays are over, you may be able to pick up your spirits by adding some new color to your home. So says Debbie Zimmer, spokesperson for the Paint Quality Institute, who recently was named one of the "Top 200 Influencers in the Home Design Industry". She advises that interior painting can be a panacea for much of what ails you after the holidays.

"It's normal to have a letdown this time of year, but jumping right into a project that freshens your surroundings with some attractive new color can re-charge your batteries and even brighten your outlook," says Zimmer.

Post-holiday painting is supported by some strong logic: winter is an ideal time to start an interior project; with no holiday event on the immediate horizon, you can work at a pace that suits you best; and your walls may well need to be painted after enduring the wear and tear of the festive season.

Even so, the biggest beneficiary of the new interior paint color may not be the bricks and mortar you call "home"...but rather, you yourself! Keeping busy, whether by painting or doing something else, helps create a feel of wellbeing; and painting typically produces a rewarding sense of accomplishment. Plus, introducing certain colors into your surroundings is a proven way to improve your mood.

Any new wall color may help lift your spirits, but for the biggest psychological lift, choose a happy hue. You might have a personal favorite that fits the bill; if not, psychologists have identified some specific wall colors that have a positive effect on nearly everyone. 

Among the pick-me-up hues is yellow, according to those who have studied these things. That's because yellow surroundings actually boost the level of serotonin in the brain, making one feel more joyful - creating, in effect, a "natural high"!

If yellow doesn't turn you on, then consider its close cousin, orange. According to color psychologists, tints and shades of orange give off positive vibes that we perceive as energy and warmth, both welcome feelings as winter sets in.

Not a fan of yellow or orange? Then brighten your surroundings with an off-white paint color or another very light tint. Any of these will help combat gray days that are so common this time of year. Just stick to the lighter side of the color chart and go with a color you love.

No matter what paint color you end up choosing, Zimmer advises that you pay close attention to the sheen level. "Gloss, semi-gloss and satin paints are more reflective, so they make the interior brighter yet; gloss is great for trim while semi-gloss or satin is better for walls," she says,

So if you're one of the many who need a pick-me-up after the holidays, think about picking up a paintbrush or roller and a can or two of top quality paint (100% acrylic is best). By doing some interior painting, you'll likely improve your spirits as much as your home.

For more information about interior painting and the psychology of color, visit the Paint Quality Institute website at

The Paint Quality Institute was formed in 1989 to educate people on the advantages of using quality interior and exterior paints and coatings. The Paint Quality Institute's goal is to provide information on the virtues of quality paint as well as color trends and decorating with paint through a variety of vehicles, including television appearances, newspaper and magazine articles and instructional literature. Please be sure to visit the Paint Quality Institute at PAINT QUALITY INSTITUTE and PAINTQUALITY.COM are trademarks of The Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") or an affiliated company of Dow.

Original Article: Holiday Blues

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bargain Mansions Anyone?

Tamara getting ready for
Let me introduce you to Tamara Day, the upcoming star of the new DIY show coming out in late 2017 called "Bargain Mansions", in which Tamara completely renovates hidden real estate gems in the Kansas City area.

Tamara and her husband, Bill Day, began buying dilapidated homes 16 years ago to restore and sell. In 2008, they moved to Leawood after purchasing a 5000 square foot foreclosed home for themselves that required a complete re-haul to make livable. What originally started out with Tamara and Bill hiring contractors to renovate the home turned into Tamara taking matters into her own hands and doing A LOT of the manual labor herself.

The home was completely destroyed when Tamara and Bill initially made their purchase. It was filled with trash and virtually all of the appliances that were left by the previous owner had been destroyed. Even the light fixtures which once hung from the ceiling had been ripped out. Finally, with the help of Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, they were able to get the home gutted and start making their home from the shell left behind.
Tamara watching the paint can labeling process.
Tamara does not hesitate to jump in on every part of rehabbing a house and she is not afraid to get her hands dirty. During the renovation process, she can be seen tearing down walls, painting, putting in new flooring, etc.. I do believe I have even seen her with jackhammers and sledgehammers. To sum it up, there is no part of the renovation which Tamara is not involved in.
Tamara getting ready to head into the spray booth with our lab technician, William
while Dave brings her up to speed.
Fast forward to 2017 and Tamara now has a show coming out on the DIY Network called "Bargain Mansions". The show will start off with a 12 episode season which will begin airing in October of this year. Shooting for the series began in January.
Tamara about to film her monologue/
Davis Paint has been lucky enough to help Tamara with paint solutions during the filming of her show. DIY was on the premises this past Friday, February 24th, 2017, to film Tamara on location. We are honored Tamara and DIY wanted to include us in the process. The images included in this blog were all taken during filming.
Tamara spraying down her shutters in our spray booth.
We will keep you updated with details as we get them! Do not forget to check out Tamara on her Facebook page, as well as her website,, to stay up-to-date.
The crew having a little fun between filming spots.
On a personal note, I cannot wait! After meeting Tamara I completely understand how she is a success. When you have an imaginative personality and you're a hard-worker on top of it all, the sky is the limit for Tamara and I know this girl cannot wait to see where she goes.
The crew about to film one of the show segments.
Tamara learning the paint making process.
The crew watches the filming from another room.

Filming the closing segment

Tamara in the spray booth
I had to even jump into a picture with her!

Article Written by Krissy Brown. Photography courtesy of and © Krissy Brown Designs. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Outdoors: Exterior Paint for Outdoor Spaces

This is the monthly color and design news update from The Davis Paint Company and companies behind The Color Guild. This article aims to preview the forth-coming season and give insight and relevant information for using color to help inspire personal projects. 

Blue Exterior Detail
Appealing to our playful side, this exterior paint palette is brimming with creativity and optimism. Full of fun and energy, these engaging combinations create the ultimate dynamic collection for your outdoor paint schemes. Seeking inspiration from the vibrant colors of the avant-garde Memphis Movement, these hues mimic the bold style in a sophisticated and considered way. Confidence with color is encouraged with these six paints, however, balance is everything, so take note of the clever combination ideas. With carefully positioned colors, this trend has a sense of humor, breathing new life into the everyday and inspiring us to be a little more experimental. Whether it's finding the perfect door color or allover wall shade, this palette will deliver a multitude of options to refresh your building exterior.  
Playful Objects
by Colour Hive

Express a bold confidence with 0612 PARKWATER and 0013 SPHERE. These contrasting hues combine to create a significant pairing for exterior applications. Using the depth of 0612 PARKWATER as an all-over wall color will add a refreshing update to your home. This color is practical and with its vibrant intensity offers a certain longevity that is important when applying colors to exterior areas. The vitality of 0013 SPHERE is the perfect accompaniment; naturally contrasting the blue tone this bright yellow has a clean, contemporary edge. Explore the liveliness of 0013 SPHERE by apply the shade to metal features such as doors, gates and window frames. This versatile option would work well used to highlight exterior architectural details. Use clever proportional combinations for these two tones and bring a certain character to any outdoor space. 

Look to the primary green of 0723 GODDESS GREEN and the clean freshness of 0032 ICE DREAM to create a clear pairing for outdoor spaces. Uplift and update your exterior with these paints, a dynamic combination that reflects the organic surroundings in a modern way. Breathing life into your building the vivid tone of 0723 GODDESS GREEN has a natural energy that is perfect for surface applications. Exteriors need to work alongside plant life and compliment garden spaces and this green shade offers the perfect combination for a positive and striking outcome. Use the sharp clarity of 0032 ICE DREAM to work alongside, either as an allover shade with 0723 GODDESS GREEN as an accent or in considered groupings on walls and wood furniture. These two colors create a composed pairing with numerous options for outdoor spaces. Celebrate nature and your garden life with this exciting paint combination. 

Color Composition
by Colour Hive
For an innovative palette look to 0075 PINK DUET and 0447 METAL FLAKE, move away from cold neutrals and add a sense of modernity to your exterior with these colors. These paints offer an inviting overall atmosphere that draws you into the building and results in a combination that is effective in changing light qualities throughout the day. The soft alluring quality of 0075 PINK DUET offers a new take for outdoor spaces; reflecting light and bringing a definitive glow. This tone can be applied to highlight window frames and doorways or as an allover shade that is perfect for any season. Combine with 0447 METAL FLAKE for a touch of elegant gray; these colors have a distinct contemporary sophistication that will update your outdoors. Explore gray highlights throughout the exterior spaces and apply to metal details such as furniture and gate fixings. This tone offers a light accent that will lift your spaces.

Exterior Color Visual
by Colour Hive

Anyone can set a joyful and contemporary tone with this color range. Use 0612 PARKWATER, 0013 SPHERE, 0032 ICE DREAM, 0075 PINK DUET, 0447 METAL FLAKE, and 0723 GODDESS GREEN in considered combinations to create a balanced and stimulating take on exterior paint. Express an optimistic and inspiring atmosphere with the bright blues, greens and yellows in this color palette. Whether it is an allover application or to bring attention to doorways, windows, and furniture, these color pairings are the ultimate solution to building color outdoors. 

Color Palette
by Colour Hive

Pink Residential Exterior
Considering longevity, garden spaces and light affects, these colors explore new ideas of outdoor paints and leave behind dull neutrals. Bring a new energy into the everyday with this confident and lively palette that will immediately renovate and refresh your space. Ready for any season. 

For our next monthly Color and Design News update, we will be delving into MOOD: Deep Blues. We will explore how tonal hues can be combined to create a sophisticated palette for interiors. Creating a mystifying color range that flows through spaces and offers a sense of intrigue. These colors are inspired by our deepest oceans!

Color Swatch
by Krissy Brown

The Color Guild looks to Colour Hive, the international trend forecasting company and publisher of MIX Magazine for interior decorating advice and ideas. Colour Hive has a track record of accurate color trend information and successful forecasts for the interior and contract markets worldwide.

Monday, February 6, 2017

2017 Color Trends from The Color Guild

The Color Guild has put our their forecast on the Trend Colors for 2017. "Breathe" Colors for 2017 are softer and more laid-back, they create a sense of relaxation, invitation and contemplation. The color of the Year is “Nomadic Travels” from the Groundwork collection. It is a true neutral; it can be warm in the sun and cool in the shade making it a great canvas for all of the other colors in your room or on the outside of your residence.

The "Down to Earth" Collection is up first. These are popular colors that have an underlying hue to them. They are soft and sophisticated and can be used in a broad spectrum of locations from high rises to farm houses. From left to right, here are the colors that make up this collection: 0525 Marseilles, 0440 Pale Loden, and 0573 Chintz.
Graphic by Krissy Brown Designs

Up next is the "Mother Earth" Collection. These earth tones are staples to coloring a home. They are basics that showcase accent colors on walls, accessories, and furniture. They are perfect for any room in the home. Pair them with the "Out of this World" Collection colors for added drama and sophistication. Here are the colors making up this collection from Left to Right: 0260 Cocoa Nib, 0337 Urban Charm, 0554 Sparrow, and 0569 Fireplace Mantel
Graphic by Krissy Brown Designs

"Out of This World" is the 3rd collection they highlight. The Color Guild describes these 4 colors as Bright, Bold, Deep, and Mysterious. They add dimension to spaces throughout the home, in large and small amounts. From Left to Right: 1068 Best of the Bunch, 0514 Thunderstorm, 0389 Gold Sparkle, and 0486 Paradise City.
Graphic by Krissy Brown Designs

The 4th collection they are highlighting is the "Meadows and Marines" Collection. Views from space show the beauty of the earth in blues and greens, colors that are in everyone's memories and reminiscent of sunny days, favorite lakes, and lush forests. They are calm, cool, and relaxing. From left to right, these colors are: 0400 New Foliage, 0434 Lush Meadow, 0504 In the Blue, and 0614 Simple Serenity.
Graphic by Krissy Brown Designs

Finally, soft colors that are backgrounds of a lighter ilk make up the last collection entitled, "Groundwork" Collection. They create space, reflection, and are perfect for large, open-concept spaces and in rooms that need more light. These colors are as follows from left to right: 0230 Harrow Gate, 0539 Place of Dust, and 0524 Nomadic Travels.

Graphic by Krissy Brown Designs

Of the 18 colors listed there is one color that stands alone as the Color Guild's 'Color of the Year'. This year that honor goes to 0524 Nomadic Travels. Nomadic Travels embodies the essence of a refreshing neutral. Its tint is strong enough to be noticed on a wall, yet subtle enough to work well with colorful home decor items of today.

Public Domain Image
Public Domain Image
NOTE: The article above was taken from the Color Guild and modified slightly for this blog. Click here for original link. 

COLOR GUILD IS COMPRISED OF MORE THAN 55 regional paint manufacturers and 8 licensees from 16 different countries and is dedicated to the marketing, promotion and selling of paint products. The combined expertise and experience of the member companies makes Color Guild uniquely qualified to serve as a definitive resource on color and coatings. Challenges related to color are faced by designers, architects and manufacturing industries worldwide. As color experts, our job is to help tackle them. Color Guild colorists work tirelessly to predict and present trend colors 12 to 18 months in advance of their entree into the marketplace. These color experts carefully separate the fads from the facts as they identify color trends.