Monday, May 18, 2015

Sometimes the Blues Can Pick You Up!

Blue is one of the most versatile interior paint colors, so much so that it’s not as much a hue as it is an extended family of colors. And like so many families, each member of the blue clan has a very different personality.

Depending upon the specific tint or shade, blue can pick you up or calm you down. That’s the beauty of blue: You can use it to create so many different moods in your home.

Sky blue – like its namesake — tends to be a relaxing and uplifting color. And just as passing clouds beautifully punctuate the clouds, so too does white trim pair beautifully with sky blue and some of its close relatives.

Deeper shades, trending toward royal blue, set a different tone for a room. When accompanied by gold or silver accents, royal blue and related shades can be formal and stately.

Other blues have still other personalities. Blue mid-tones that contain a hint of grey can be cool and sleek, perfectly tailored for a library or study. And blue-greens, cousins once-removed, are among the most soothing interior paint colors.

So, whatever mood you are trying to create in a room, you might want to make blue part of your color scheme. There is likely a tint or shade that’s right for you.