Monday, May 18, 2015

Tips on Color Selection for Affordable Interior Painting

With money tight and household expenses rising, there's a natural tendency to put your remodeling plans on hold. But even if your budget is limited, there's one home remodeling project that is still affordable, and fun too: Interior Painting.

The do-it-yourself cost of repainting a room is typically well under $100, about the same as taking a family of four to the movies. Unlike a night at the movies, however, the enjoyment of a freshly painted room will last for years.

Start by visiting your local paint retailer, asking to see the color display. the fun begins by looking through the color cards and envisioning what your room will look like with an entirely new color scheme.

If you're the decisive type, your might quickly spot the perfect color for the room you're repainting. For everyone else, it's usually best to take a few color cards home to view in the space you want to paint. Once there, you should follow a few time-tested rules.

  1. When evaluating color options, conceal all the colors on the card except for the one you are considering. By isolating the color, you'll get a better idea of how the room will look in a particular hue.
  2. Evaluate the color both in daylight and at night when all light is artificial. You may be surprised how different a color can look when lighting conditions change. (Paint colors usually look darker at night, in shadow and on cloudy days.)
  3. Consider when you most often use the room. If you are painting a breakfast area, be sure you like the way the color looks in morning light; but if you're paitning a bedroom, it's more important that the color be pleasing under artificial light.
  4. Be aware that color tends to be more intense on a large area than a small one. A color that looks just right on a color card may be too dark or too bold when applied to your walls. For safety's sake, move down one degree of intensity on the card and choose a slightly lighter tint or shade.
  5. Finally, if you are still not certain of your choice of color, buy a small quantity of paint and apply a couple of large swatches to the walls. Live with the color for a day or two. You'll soon know if you missed the mark or nailed it.

One final tip: Regardless of the color you choose, use a top quality 100% acrylic latex interior paint for all of your projects. This advanced type of paint goes on evenly, typically "hides" the color below in just a single coat, has very little odor and is very durable. By using it, your beautiful new paint job will last for years!