Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Exterior Trim Calls for Best Possible Semi-gloss Paint

Window Shutters painted redOur recent post highlighting the best brands of flat paint for use on walls tells only half the story on exterior painting. Just as important: Using high quality semi-gloss paint on exterior trim.
Why switch to a semi-gloss finish once the walls are painted? The reasons involve both practical and aesthetic considerations.
From a practical standpoint, semi-gloss paint forms a smoother surface than the flat paint used for exterior walls, and higher quality semi-gloss paint is also more durable. That translates into several advantages:
  • better resistance to dirt pickup
  • better ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, and
  • better tolerance for ordinary wear and tear, like the movement and abrasion imposed on doors and windows as we open and close them repeatedly.
What’s more, if doors, windows, shutters, and other trim do begin to accumulate dirt and grime, semi-gloss exterior paint – with its smoother surface — is much easier to clean than any flat paint. And scrubbing typically will not harm its appearance.
Aesthetics also favor the use of high quality semi-gloss paint for exterior trim. This type of paint has better tint retention, so its color will remain truer over time. And having higher sheen than a flat finish, semi-gloss paint creates more contrast between walls and trim, making for a more pleasing appearance even on monochromatic color schemes.