Friday, July 10, 2015


6 Super Simple Tips and Tricks for Painting at Home

Painting tips and tricks to make your life easier

Commercials and other ads make painting at home look like this:

 Or This:
And This:

But we all really know it can end up looking more like this:

 Or This:
 And Of Course This:
If your past experiences looked anything like the last three images then we have life hacks you are going to love.

Paint-Can Drip Tip

Spills and drips are bound to happen while you are painting. Reduce the mess by wrapping a rubber band around the paint can. Wipe the bottom of the brush against the band each time you dip to avoid spills on the floor.

Aluminum Foil Paint Protector

The great thing about tinfoil is that it molds to whatever shape it is wrapped around.By wrapping foil around fixtures like doorknobs and other hardware you can paint around the item without worrying about dribble from excess paint running onto the protected item. (

Vaseline Protection

Vaseline can be used to cover up things that you don’t want to get painted like hinges, key hole locks, and glass. (

Paint-Pan Liner

Lining the paint pan with aluminum foil is a great idea for many reasons. First and foremost it allows for a super easy clean up. If you are painting with multiple colors you can simply throw away the foil, place a new sheet, and you are good to go. It also allows you to dump unused paint back into the can easily. (

Painting Hard to Reach Places

Have you ever tried painting behind a toilet? Trust me, it isn’t fun. This tip from is genius. “If you have a tight spot to paint, remove the pad from a paint edging tool (about $2 at home centers). Hot-glue the pad to a stir stick, and you’ve got a painting tool that will fit behind toilet tanks and radiators.” (

Paint Color Reminder Trick

After you have finished painting, touch ups may not be the first thing you are thinking about. Avoid guesswork on the paint color for later on by writing the product number on painters’ tape and stick the label to the back of the room’s light-switch plate. (
Do you have any other painting tips or tricks that have made your experience easier? Please let us know!