Thursday, July 30, 2015

Modern bathroom interior

According to recent surveys, the bathroom has surpassed the kitchen as the most popular room to remodel. But, unless you need (or want) to upgrade your tile and plumbing, you can easily beautify your bathroom simply by painting it.
Fresh paint can enhance any interior space, but it can work wonders in the bathroom. By applying a light-colored paint scheme, you can visually expand the room, making your bathroom seem larger. You can do just the opposite with darker colors: add intimacy.
When selecting paint colors for the bathroom, you should always take into account their“psychological” impact.
Yellows, oranges, and reds, as well as some browns and tans, are regarded as “warm” colors, meaning they tend to arouse and stimulate the senses. You might appreciate that in the morning, but not at bedtime.
On the other hand, greens, blues, and other “cool” colors are calming. By painting in one or more of these hues, you can convert your bathroom into a relaxing retreat.
Be aware the color of paint you choose may also affect how warm or cool you actually feel in your bathroom. Colors like yellow or orange, which are associated with sunshine, may help you feel cozier, while icy blue or green walls or woodwork may make the room seem colder.
When selecting your paint, keep in mind that the bathroom presents a challenging environment for any coating, what with the moisture, humidity, and constant use of the room. As a result, you should use only the highest quality paint there.
A great option when painting the bathroom is to use one of the new “paint and primer” products, which serve as both types of coating in the same can. Like primer, they do a great job of hiding the existing paint color; and, like quality paint, they form a tough, stain-resistant finish that is washable, especially in higher gloss levels.
What’s also nice about paint and primer products is that they make it much easier and faster to paint the room. Rather than having to apply a coat of primer followed by two or more coats of paint, you typically need to apply just two coats of a paint and primer product, greatly streamlining the project.
To get the best performance, you should be sure to choose a paint and primer product that contains 100% acrylic. It will offer the best blend of primer and paint properties, providing good hiding of the underneath color and creating a very tough, durable and stain-resistant painted surface.
So, if you want to give your bathroom an attractive new appearance this year, maybe you can call off the remodeling contractor, and simply apply a colorful new paint treatment. It’s a quick and easy way to beautify one of the most important rooms in your home.