Thursday, October 29, 2015

10 Fun Ways to Use Leftover Paint

Painted Adirondack chairsIf you’re hoarding a stash of leftover paint, you’re sitting on a gold mine when it comes to home decorating. With just a little imagination, you can use the paint for any number of projects that can infuse new life into your decor.
Want to give it a try? Start with one or more of the following projects, then come up with your own ideas. Your home will be the better for it, and you’ll have lots of fun in the process!
1. Make kitchen items kitschy. It takes only a little leftover paint to impart coasters, canisters, or the handles of wooden spatulas and spoons with bright color that can make cooking more joyful.
2. Colorize some flowerpots. In the same way, planters and flowerpots can be decorated with paint color — the more, the merrier. Paint them a solid color, or embellish them with a pretty pattern for more panache!
3. Dress up a dresser. Do you have an old dresser that’s seen better days? Spruce it up with paint! Apply different colors here and there to impart even more visual interest. Do the same with an old cabinet, table, or even a stool.
4. Rejuvenate “junk” furniture. Rifle through your attic, or frequent some garage sales. You might spot a unique piece of furniture just pining for a fresh coat of paint. . . and a prominent place in your home!
5. Put a stamp on your walls. Add pizzazz to painted walls by applying a handcrafted patterned border. Fashion a “stamp” out of an old sponge in the pattern of your choice, dip it into the paint, and dab new color onto your walls. Voila! Custom design.
6. Speak with an accent. Express your home’s individuality by adding accent color to one or more walls, doors, or doorways. Even a small area of unexpected color can make your interior something special.
7. Beautify a built-in. Make the most of built-in bookcases, cabinets, or even a mantelpiece by embellishing with a contrasting leftover paint color. It’s a great way to create striking elements in your décor.
8. Stencil something. Using a homemade or commercial stencil, apply paint to just about anything – your walls, a piece of furniture, or if you’re really adventurous, the floor. An interesting stencil can render the ordinary, extraordinary.
9. Make like an artist. Why buy artist’s supplies, when you already have a handpicked palette of colors you’re drawn to? Use them as is, or mix them into new colors to create murals or even fine art.
10. Frame your artwork. Repaint the frames on the prints, paintings, and drawings in your home to give them a fresh appearance. Or, paint a simulated “frame” right on the wall to highlight a favorite piece of sculpture or even a more ordinary item you treasure.
As you might imagine, most of these projects require just a small amount of paint, and some take only a little time. But each and every one can add a unique and very special touch to your decor.