Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Hidden Luxury of Color

Uncover a hidden luxury within your home with our deeply atmospheric palette. Create a warm sensuality perfect for your interior with high end, deluxe approach that is subtle, elegant and refined. Inspired by the old masters of the art world these colors imbue a feeling of opulent heritage. Still life paintings offer inspirations of rich layered paint and ambient light effects. Tender purple and pink tones of eggplant also reference classic paintings and define the palette's soft femininity with strong blackened shades creating a darker feel. The tones are an alluring combination, intense teal provides a rich contrast, balanced with neutral grays. This palette has a quietly luxurious mood that would work perfectly in any interior.
Add a true sense of luxury to your interior with 0690 BLUE PERIOD, a deep and velvety tone that will convey a sense of soft sensuality to your space. Inspired by lush fabrics and decadent interior finishing, this color radiates serenity. Celebrate comfort and elegance with 0690 BLUE PERIOD, a color that evokes tranquility. Balance the tone with a dark and mid-tone neutrals within the palette. Apply this dark teal green combination with the lighter tone of 0358 SILKY GREEN for a layered contrast. This color works perfectly inside bathrooms and work spaces to help calm the mind and focus the senses. 

Luxurious Bedroom
Sainsbury's Home
Looking to the sensual shades used in still life paintings of the Dutch masters, 0186 CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT, echoes this atmospheric light when applied to your interior. An almost black brown, 0186 CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT, has a true softness and with its warm natural tint, the color is truly engaging. With a chocolate richness this tone can compliment any space alone as an all over color or with lighter tones within the palette to create an alluring contrast. Add a natural quiet to your spaces with 0186 CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT. This color compliments kitchen and living room areas and would work well applied as a feature wall or for corner spaces within your home. 0186 CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT's warmth radiates throughout a space and creates a sense of welcome.

Taking note of aged surfaces and hard materials that become more exquisite as time passes such as bronze, the exquisite tone of 0781 GOLD FINCH evokes these antique metallic qualities. Explore this classic color and added arresting warmth to your surroundings. When combined with the depth of 0690 BLUE PERIOD and 0186 CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT, 0871 GOLD FINCH lifts space and adds a true sense of timeless quality. This color is an unchanging classic and can be applied confidently as a feature wall color within living rooms or dining rooms for an elegance that lifts your space and that you will never tire of. Pair with rich textiles such as velvet and silk alongside dark woods and ornate ceramics for ultimate luxury finish.

Look to the intensity of 1306 ROYAL VELVET to bring a touch of silken darkness to your interior. The plush eggplant purple tone of 1306 ROYAL VELVET offers an ethereal depth to the palette. Combine this soft and sultry color alongside the other dark colors of the palette for an ultimate richness and luxury finish for your spaces. 1306 ROYAL VELVET is a universally deluxe color that works best when used in abundance. Apply to the work spaces and dining areas of your home for an atmospheric seated space that invites quiet solitude and intrigue.
Purple interior by AYTM Studio

Discover a classic ambiance with 0358 SILKY GREEN. Inspired by rich clay tones this color creates a feeling of calm and coziness within your home. This color references soft faux furs and natural coloring to bring an organic comfort to your home with this sandy, neutral mid-tone. 0358 SILKY GREEN is versatile and centers the overall palette resulting in an elemental tonal combination. Apply in indulgent combinations alongside the intense dark accents of the palette. 0358 SILKY GREEN is a perfect compliment to an open kitchen/living room area and can add a definitive warmth and overall feeling of placidity to the space.
Brown Interior detail by
AYTM Studio

Indulge in true elegance for your home with this complete color range. Apply these rich jewel tones throughout your home to inspire a feeling of genuine decadence. 0690 BLUE PERIOD, 0186 CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT, 0871 GOLD FINCH, 1306 ROYAL VELVET, and 0358 SILKY GREEN are the five colors that combine beautifully to create a significant feeling of sophistication within an interior. Create the ultimate luxury finish in your home with these mature and tantalizingly sumptuous colors. Extravagance is for the everyday and it can be achieved with the deep allure of this palette. Paint and discover dark finishes that are balanced with warm tones for a rich blend that is sure to always result in a luxuriously soft and comforting finish.

This is the monthly color and design news update from Davis Paint. The article above aims to preview the forth-coming season and give insight and relevant information for using color to help inspire personal projects.

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