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Calming Neutral Zones

This is the monthly color and design news update from The Davis Paint Company. The article aims to preview the forth-coming season and give insight and relevant information for using color to help inspire personal projects.

Discover a calming mood for your interior with the ultimate alternative to neutrals. Looking to the natural world for inspiration we explore the rugged beauty of Earth to create this palette. Inspired by our planets diverse landscape, we discover the hidden power as well as the fragility that is exposed by the raw elements. These soft and anonymous colors build to create a balanced palette that reflects the subtle qualities of natural stones such as marble, granite, and limestone. These delicate shades create something powerful yet timeless. Taking reference from the organic beauty of Earth's layers, these colors are delicately tinted offering a "modern neutral" perfect for any space. 

Arita House, Neutral Bath Interior
by HAY -

0567 HEARTHSTONE is the tinted mid tone that centers this palette. Creating a welcome and organic atmosphere, this color references our natural habitat; taking note of the tonal differences of our planet's landscape, 0567 HEARTHSTONE offers a subtle and quietly confident alternative to a white neutral. To create a calming mood within your home, combine this color with the other mid tones in the palette, 0552 NORTH ISLAND and 0558 QUEEN ANNE'S LACE, for a balanced and considered neutral group. This tone offers a sophisticated finish and a sense of clarity perfect for your spaces. Apply to kitchen and living room areas for a natural, comforting finish that offers balance without being cold or unwelcoming.

Color Palette by Colour Hive
A new gray takes form in 0552 NORTH ISLAND, a tinted neutral with warm undertones; this colors is an atmospheric option for your spaces. Use this modern alternative to gray to spread a sense of focus and stylish welcome throughout your home. Certain colors are known to have meditative qualities and 0552 NORTH ISLAND has these calming characteristics that will appeal to your mind. The mauve undertones break up any density and 0552 NORTH ISLAND offers a new option to create a calming neutral zone. Pair this color with 0216 EARTHLING in office and work spaces for a reflective yet tranquil option that is sure to equalize your mind. 

Objects by AYTM Studio
Delve into the silken tone of 0555 OCEAN FRIGATE, a soft darker gray inspired by the Earth's natural pigments. Deep and reassuring, this hue will radiate a warm welcome throughout your home with its natural soft and tactile qualities. With a depth that is familiar and appealing, 0555 OCEAN FRIGATE has a finish that is refined and organic but removed of any murky qualities. Apply this shade in contrast with 0558 QUEEN ANNE'S LACE; these colors work best in combination in bedroom spaces for a touch of comforting neutral color. Also explore using 0555 OCEAN FRIGATE to highlight feature walls for an inviting and appealing zone perfect for quiet relaxation.

Interior Set Up
Milan by HAY,
Add the perfect touch of clarity to your home with 0558 QUEEN ANNE'S LACE, a chalky neutral that will transform any space into a pure and tranquil environment. With its diverse application options, this color is essential to the palette. Creating a serene balance between the mid and dark tones, 0558 QUEEN ANNE'S LACE is a versatile tone that has the ability to both add a touch of calm or brighten up and energize any interior. In particular, it would work well in a kitchen space to translate a clean and modern atmosphere. 0558 QUEEN ANNE'S LACE is timeless and classic which also lends itself to changeable rooms within the home such as a dining room or guest room, allowing the d├ęcor to change but the atmosphere of the room to remain calm and neutral.

0216 EARTHLING looks to the raw aesthetic of the Earths layers for inspiration. This sandy neutral is a refreshing alternative to beige for your home. The overall effect is sophisticated and unassuming with a gentle warming feel. This essential shade is chalky but with a refined matte finish. Combine 0216 EARTHLING with 0567 HEARTHSTONE for a modern tonal effect that will work perfectly in your spaces. This tone can be used to bring a putty like soft touch to the most intimate of your rooms. Apply to bedrooms and living rooms for a cozy glow that will cocoon and welcome for the ultimate calming neutral zone. 

Calming Neutrals by Colour Hive
Set a calming yet powerful message for your interior with this color range. Use 0567 HEARTHSTONE, 0552 NORTH ISLAND, 0555 OCEAN FRIGATE, 0558 QUEEN ANNE'S LACE and 0216 EARTHLING in combination to create a balanced and tranquil setting that will bring a modern tonal mood to your home. This palette is universal and timeless with its updated version of neutrals; the grays are tinted and complex. The light tones are warm with a chalky finish all brought together with the velvety depths of the darker shades. Discover the perfect mood for your spaces with this multipurpose palette that offers a diverse and individual finish for each room. Tranquility and serenity are achievable with this ultimate solution to calming neutrals. 

For the next article, 'OUTDOORS: Exterior Paint for Outdoor Spaces', we will explore how exterior palettes can be refreshing for doors, windows, and exterior surfaces with exciting color combinations. We focus on using color to add a new dimension to your outdoor spaces with original and dynamic color combinations.

Color Guild looks to Colour Hive, the international trend forecasting company and publisher of MIX Magazine for interior decorating advice and ideas. Colour Hive has a track record of accurate color trend information and successful forecasts for the interior and contract markets worldwide.

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