Thursday, March 2, 2017

Paint Sheens Explained

Paint sheen is still somewhat of a mystery to many people. Most paint companies have anywhere from 3 to 6 different sheen types for you to choose from. Today we are going to go over those sheens to help take the guess work out of choosing which one will work best for you and your living space.

DAVIS FLAT (Available in Interior and Exterior) - Flat paint tends to have a chalky/matte look and is best for use in low traffic areas such as bedrooms. Flat paint does not hide imperfections well because they offer no light reflections to make them noticeable. Flat is perfect for bedrooms and dining rooms. Flat paints are easy to touch-up but not easy to clean.

DAVIS MATTE/FLAT (Available in Interior Only) - Matte Flat paint is very similar to a FLAT finish but it tends to have a much softer feel when you touch it. Just like FLAT, it does not hide wall imperfections well due to the lack of light reflection. Matte/Flat is perfect for bedrooms and dining rooms. Matte/Flat is easy to touch-up and the Matte/Flat we offer here at Davis Paint is scrubbable so no worries on keeping it clean!

DAVIS EGGSHELL (Available in Interior Only) - Eggshell is named after its likeness to an actual eggshell. When looking at the paint head on, it appears to be flat but when looking from an angle, it offers a slight light reflection. Eggshell is much easier to keep clean than an actual flat and offers decent touch-up properties as well. Eggshell is perfect for living rooms, hallways and family rooms. 

DAVIS SATIN (Available in Interior and Exterior) - Satin is a popular sheen and very versatile. Satin offers great resistance to scratches, scuffs, stains and dirt. Satin can be easily washed so it always looks clean and because it offers a stronger surface, it is ideal for rooms which need to repel water such as bathrooms. Satin is also the #1 choice for trim when using a Flat or Matte/Flat paint. 

DAVIS SEMI-GLOSS (Available in Exterior Only) - Semi-gloss is one with a slightly glossy appearance but does not appear "wet" like full gloss sheens. These paints are great for areas that get lots of heavy use because the surface is slightly harder than the sheens listed above. This paint is most commonly used on shutters, doors, house trim and around windows. This paint sheen is very easy to keep clean.

DAVIS GLOSS (Available in Exterior Only) - Gloss paint is the highest level of sheen you can obtain in a paint. Gloss almost has a mirror-like finish because of its ability to reflect light away from the surface. Gloss paint is by far the easiest to keep clean and it is also highly resistant to moisture. The only con with gloss paint is its inability to high imperfections on your surface or substrate. This paint is ideal for house trim and shutters. Many have used this on handrails as well. 

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