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Outdoors: Exterior Paint for Outdoor Spaces

This is the monthly color and design news update from The Davis Paint Company and companies behind The Color Guild. This article aims to preview the forth-coming season and give insight and relevant information for using color to help inspire personal projects. 

Blue Exterior Detail
Appealing to our playful side, this exterior paint palette is brimming with creativity and optimism. Full of fun and energy, these engaging combinations create the ultimate dynamic collection for your outdoor paint schemes. Seeking inspiration from the vibrant colors of the avant-garde Memphis Movement, these hues mimic the bold style in a sophisticated and considered way. Confidence with color is encouraged with these six paints, however, balance is everything, so take note of the clever combination ideas. With carefully positioned colors, this trend has a sense of humor, breathing new life into the everyday and inspiring us to be a little more experimental. Whether it's finding the perfect door color or allover wall shade, this palette will deliver a multitude of options to refresh your building exterior.  
Playful Objects
by Colour Hive

Express a bold confidence with 0612 PARKWATER and 0013 SPHERE. These contrasting hues combine to create a significant pairing for exterior applications. Using the depth of 0612 PARKWATER as an all-over wall color will add a refreshing update to your home. This color is practical and with its vibrant intensity offers a certain longevity that is important when applying colors to exterior areas. The vitality of 0013 SPHERE is the perfect accompaniment; naturally contrasting the blue tone this bright yellow has a clean, contemporary edge. Explore the liveliness of 0013 SPHERE by apply the shade to metal features such as doors, gates and window frames. This versatile option would work well used to highlight exterior architectural details. Use clever proportional combinations for these two tones and bring a certain character to any outdoor space. 

Look to the primary green of 0723 GODDESS GREEN and the clean freshness of 0032 ICE DREAM to create a clear pairing for outdoor spaces. Uplift and update your exterior with these paints, a dynamic combination that reflects the organic surroundings in a modern way. Breathing life into your building the vivid tone of 0723 GODDESS GREEN has a natural energy that is perfect for surface applications. Exteriors need to work alongside plant life and compliment garden spaces and this green shade offers the perfect combination for a positive and striking outcome. Use the sharp clarity of 0032 ICE DREAM to work alongside, either as an allover shade with 0723 GODDESS GREEN as an accent or in considered groupings on walls and wood furniture. These two colors create a composed pairing with numerous options for outdoor spaces. Celebrate nature and your garden life with this exciting paint combination. 

Color Composition
by Colour Hive
For an innovative palette look to 0075 PINK DUET and 0447 METAL FLAKE, move away from cold neutrals and add a sense of modernity to your exterior with these colors. These paints offer an inviting overall atmosphere that draws you into the building and results in a combination that is effective in changing light qualities throughout the day. The soft alluring quality of 0075 PINK DUET offers a new take for outdoor spaces; reflecting light and bringing a definitive glow. This tone can be applied to highlight window frames and doorways or as an allover shade that is perfect for any season. Combine with 0447 METAL FLAKE for a touch of elegant gray; these colors have a distinct contemporary sophistication that will update your outdoors. Explore gray highlights throughout the exterior spaces and apply to metal details such as furniture and gate fixings. This tone offers a light accent that will lift your spaces.

Exterior Color Visual
by Colour Hive

Anyone can set a joyful and contemporary tone with this color range. Use 0612 PARKWATER, 0013 SPHERE, 0032 ICE DREAM, 0075 PINK DUET, 0447 METAL FLAKE, and 0723 GODDESS GREEN in considered combinations to create a balanced and stimulating take on exterior paint. Express an optimistic and inspiring atmosphere with the bright blues, greens and yellows in this color palette. Whether it is an allover application or to bring attention to doorways, windows, and furniture, these color pairings are the ultimate solution to building color outdoors. 

Color Palette
by Colour Hive

Pink Residential Exterior
Considering longevity, garden spaces and light affects, these colors explore new ideas of outdoor paints and leave behind dull neutrals. Bring a new energy into the everyday with this confident and lively palette that will immediately renovate and refresh your space. Ready for any season. 

For our next monthly Color and Design News update, we will be delving into MOOD: Deep Blues. We will explore how tonal hues can be combined to create a sophisticated palette for interiors. Creating a mystifying color range that flows through spaces and offers a sense of intrigue. These colors are inspired by our deepest oceans!

Color Swatch
by Krissy Brown

The Color Guild looks to Colour Hive, the international trend forecasting company and publisher of MIX Magazine for interior decorating advice and ideas. Colour Hive has a track record of accurate color trend information and successful forecasts for the interior and contract markets worldwide.

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