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Bargain Mansions Anyone?

Tamara getting ready for
Let me introduce you to Tamara Day, the upcoming star of the new DIY show coming out in late 2017 called "Bargain Mansions", in which Tamara completely renovates hidden real estate gems in the Kansas City area.

Tamara and her husband, Bill Day, began buying dilapidated homes 16 years ago to restore and sell. In 2008, they moved to Leawood after purchasing a 5000 square foot foreclosed home for themselves that required a complete re-haul to make livable. What originally started out with Tamara and Bill hiring contractors to renovate the home turned into Tamara taking matters into her own hands and doing A LOT of the manual labor herself.

The home was completely destroyed when Tamara and Bill initially made their purchase. It was filled with trash and virtually all of the appliances that were left by the previous owner had been destroyed. Even the light fixtures which once hung from the ceiling had been ripped out. Finally, with the help of Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, they were able to get the home gutted and start making their home from the shell left behind.
Tamara watching the paint can labeling process.
Tamara does not hesitate to jump in on every part of rehabbing a house and she is not afraid to get her hands dirty. During the renovation process, she can be seen tearing down walls, painting, putting in new flooring, etc.. I do believe I have even seen her with jackhammers and sledgehammers. To sum it up, there is no part of the renovation which Tamara is not involved in.
Tamara getting ready to head into the spray booth with our lab technician, William
while Dave brings her up to speed.
Fast forward to 2017 and Tamara now has a show coming out on the DIY Network called "Bargain Mansions". The show will start off with a 12 episode season which will begin airing in October of this year. Shooting for the series began in January.
Tamara about to film her monologue/
Davis Paint has been lucky enough to help Tamara with paint solutions during the filming of her show. DIY was on the premises this past Friday, February 24th, 2017, to film Tamara on location. We are honored Tamara and DIY wanted to include us in the process. The images included in this blog were all taken during filming.
Tamara spraying down her shutters in our spray booth.
We will keep you updated with details as we get them! Do not forget to check out Tamara on her Facebook page, as well as her website,, to stay up-to-date.
The crew having a little fun between filming spots.
On a personal note, I cannot wait! After meeting Tamara I completely understand how she is a success. When you have an imaginative personality and you're a hard-worker on top of it all, the sky is the limit for Tamara and I know this girl cannot wait to see where she goes.
The crew about to film one of the show segments.
Tamara learning the paint making process.
The crew watches the filming from another room.

Filming the closing segment

Tamara in the spray booth
I had to even jump into a picture with her!

Article Written by Krissy Brown. Photography courtesy of and © Krissy Brown Designs. All Rights Reserved.

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